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Barb Gray Email

Hi.. I’m a very athletic woman looking to play on a Sober Softball
Team. I currently relapsed (alcohol) after being sober since 2012.
Can anyone give me a contact number ~ to any teams which still may need more players. I played 1st base for 9 years
And soooo miss the comradery, smell of the grass/great outdoors
And would be willing to fill in for players who can’t mske a game. Please call me at 612-318-3508. Or email me a response
If there’s a need for more players on any of current teams this year- 2018. Thanks and hope to hear from someone forthcoming.

Barb Gray

Nathan b Email

Hey looking for a team to play on. Can play as soon as needed. Ive played in leagues before! Please contact me and let me know

Randy S Email

I'm interested in playing in 2018. If you're aware, I am a picture. Also I have 2 female friends who are in recovery also who want to play.

Megan Reynolds Email

Hey, I'm looking for a team to play with this season. I was on straight out of VOA last season. I play outfield and with some help I can play second. I can pay team dyes if need be. I don't have a lot but we can work something out. Please let me know. You can email me or call me, 503-453-5969. Thank you.

dayshawn clay 

hi my name is dayshawn clay im curently in voa treatment and i played on the inhouse softball team. i play outfield im looking to get picked up for the fall classic i dont have a email but i have a phone number (503) 406-5842

CIRP Email

Hi we are an addictions program and are looking to put a softball team together to enter into the recovery league.  
Could someone give us a call and provide some information please.  Cheers Vicky 604-521-8611

Angel & Dylan  

Looking for a team in Levittown pay call me 9175921779

Dan B 

Hi there,

30y/o male here in Minneapolis, MN with 6 months sober - looking to join a sober softball team for this summer! I played high school baseball and have played rec softball for 12 years. I am best suited to middle infield but am willing to play wherever I am needed. Thanks! Please text me if you have an opening 763-350-2767.


I'd love to join a team, please let me know at 303-525-2771.  Thanks.

Tony Email

Hi, my name is Tony DeLeon I live in Tualatin and my home group is Get In The Car in Tualatin. I'm really hopeful that a team could use another player for this 2017 season. I had no idea about this league until today. I've never heard it mentioned before in the rooms. I have played slow pitch coed for the last two years and am excited at the possibility of joining the fellowship in this league. Please let me know if you want or have room for a good player serious about this recovery life. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. - Tony


Hey guys just need to get on a team I have 7years clean

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Brandon lial Email

My names is bradon am in to sports am good at it am 6'7 i think i would be a fit am open plz give me a call 971 301 1895

Elona (Loni) Baird Email

Hi, my name is Elona. I am NARA Alumni. I have a desire to play on a recovery softball team. I have six months clean, and am very athletic. I have never played softball on a team, only because I have never been sober. My number is 5036075249. Thanks for your time.

David Michael schnippel Email

My name is David. I'm 27 and been an athlete all my life. Played softball in prison and wanted to join a team. I have almost 6 months clean and want to play softball. My number is 5033285418 if your interested call me or email me. Thank you for your time

Rae Rae  Email

Hi so I'm looking for a team to play on for summer softball I've been playing for 5 years I'm good at catcher but can play all positions please let me know if you need a female i really wanna play

DaMone Brown Email

Looking to find a team, pretty good athlete  I can play any where on the field.. Semi Pro QB from Orange County... 10/9/93 

If you need a decent player hit me up, early as possible thanks.

Tim Richardson Email

Hey Just wanted to make sure I did this right,

Game 1. RBI 15 - Stone cold 13
Game 2. RBI 16 Addicts 15
Game 3. RBI 25 Crazy 8's 13

Thank you,
Tim R.

Tim Richardson Email

I was wondering if we could get some pictures on this site for 2016, it seems none were added for 2015 and I think that sucks

Ryan Email

I am a 40 year old male. 3 years sober and looking for a sober softball team to join in the Twin Cities area.
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